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Note: Upgrades are currently only available in limited markets
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It's simple - Make us an offer starting 6 days prior to departure and we will email you before check-in to let you know whether your offer was accepted.

Check to see if you are eligible below and use our sliding scale to indicate how much you would like to pay, per person, for each member of your reservation to be upgraded.

How does it work?

  1. Make us an offer: Select the amount you would like to offer for the upgrade of each eligible segment on your itinerary.
  2. Enter your payment information: Enter your credit card details, which will be charged only if your offer is accepted.
  3. Review and submit: Review your information and offer amount/s and submit the request.

You will receive an email confirming your request, and be notified via email whether your offer is successful no later than 24 hours before your flight. View the full terms and conditions.

Enter your details in the fields shown to check if your reservation is eligible to make an offer.

If you have any questions regarding the program please contact us at

Upgrade Eligibility

  • Not all flights or all reservations are automatically eligible for an upgrade - Plusgrade upgrades are currently only available in a limited set of markets. You can check your eligibility starting six days prior to departure by entering your six character reservation record locator and last name in the search form above.
  • Elite Status Members: AAdvantage elite status members (Gold, Platinum and Executive Platinum members) should continue to request 500-mile upgrades (complimentary or purchased) as normal. This option is offered to passengers who aren't able to use 500-mile upgrades, either because they aren't AAdvantage members, or because they are traveling on fares that are not eligible. Rest assured that elite status member upgrade requests will continue to be given priority and will not be impacted by this program.
  • More Information on Elite Upgrade Benefits
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Submitting an Offer

  • Choose the flight segment you would like to upgrade, and move the slider to indicate your offer.
  • Enter your contact and payment details in the fields provided. Review and submit your details.
  • After completion, you will be emailed confirmation of your upgrade offer. You can use this email to modify or cancel your offer.
  • Note: You will not be charged unless your offer is successful.
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Upgrade Selection

  • You will receive an email prior check in for each flight, informing you if your offer was successful or unsuccessful.
  • If you are upgraded you will receive: An upgraded seat in a premium cabin class, complimentary food and beverage, Priority Check-in , Priority Baggage and Priority Boarding
  • Note that the fare rules of your original booking will continue to apply to your upgraded reservation.
AAdvantage miles will be awarded based on the class of service purchased, not the upgraded class of service.